KVA, LLC is a full-service digital media agency offering work that includes:

-Comprehensive Digital Media Consulting
-Content Strategies
-Social Media Marketing
-Social Media Management, Coordination, and Strategies
-Professional Quality Content and Copy Writing/Editing
-Growth Strategy Consulting
-Content Creation
-Graphic Design and Art
-Logo Design
-Digital/Social Marketing and Advertising
-Brand Development and Strategy
-Facilitation, Organization, Strategy Development and Execution of Live Events and Real-World Interactive Experiences Designed To Engage Customer Base
-Influencer Relations
-Social Storytelling Strategy
-Facilitation and Promotion of Product and Event Launches
-Collaborations and Partnerships With Outside Brands For Cross-Promotional Opportunities and Customer Growth
-Coordination of Contests and Giveaways For Increased Customer Engagement
-Product and Lifestyle Photography
-Video Editing
-Analysis of Analytics and KPIS


Content Strategy Consulting and Development

      • Building robust and comprehensive content strategies for any business:
        • Developing outlines and systems for continual content creation
        • Building visual and written content pieces that support meaningful, interactive experiences between business and customer
        • Developing shareable and reusable content to be redistributed and repurposed across not only businesses social and marketing channels, but across customers’ platforms for increased community building
        • Journey mapping user experiences
        • Building comprehensive brand strategy encompassing digital platforms from website and blog to social media and digital marketing content

Daily Digital Media Coordination and Management

      • Carrying out and executing social strategy on a daily basis including day-to-day work and responsibilities such as:
        • Posting across all social platforms
        • Engaging with followers and customers
        • Community building through hashtag and account engagement
        • Networking and relationship building with market-specific influencers
        • Fielding customer messages, comments, questions, and concerns
        • Tracking engagement and conversion rates
        • Carrying out and executing contests, giveaways, and promotional campaigns
        • Customized social media/digital advertising imagery, copy/text, and budget recommendations

Social Media Marketing

      • Running social media marketing campaigns and designing/developing all necessary assets:
        • Developing customized list of targeted demographics and consumers for ad campaigns
        • Utilizing up-to-date social media marketing practices specific to each desired platform
        • Customized and professional quality graphic design and ad imagery, as well as SEO optimized and keyword targeted copy and text
        • Video editing and development for video ads across social media platforms
        • Ad budget recommendations and proposals
        • Ad reports for comparative testing to optimize ad development
        • A/B testing to maximize reach and conversions

Graphic Design & Graphic Art/Branding

      • Designing brand standards and logo, along with moodboard and color palette recommendations and guidelines, as well as:
        • Apparel and merchandise designs
        • Banner, wrap, and poster designs
        • Graphic design and graphic artwork built for use across social media platforms
        • Graphic design and graphic artwork built for use with digital and social media ads and promotions
        • Professional logo design
        • Designs for marketing materials (print and digital)

Content and Copy Writing & Editing

      • Professional quality content and copy writing and editing including;
        • Blog articles
        • In-depth feature and research-driven stories and content
        • Email marketing materials
        • Improve landing and sales pages, as well as email copy, to increase click-through rates for campaigns, and pre-sales advertorials to increase traffic and conversions
        • Feature stories and interview pieces
        • Ad text and copy
        • Social media text and copy

Influencer Communications/Coordination

      • Work on behalf of social media influencers to increase brand awareness, build network connections, and generate revenue through partnerships and collaborations:
        • PR outreach for increased media coverage
        • Print and media placement
        • Outreach and networking with brands and companies for paid partnerships and product placement
        • Scheduling and task management/organization

One-Time Content Strategy & Digital Media Consultation

        • One (1) month strategy consultation campaign including:
          • Three (3) one-hour video consultation calls to include; strategizing sessions, goals, etc
          • Social strategy outline
          • Branding and curation guidelines
          • Moodboard and color palette recommendations
          • Photo editing guidelines and recommendations
          • Graphic design and graphic artwork principles and suggestions
          • Collection of hashtags, accounts, and influencers to engage and network with
          • Campaign recommendations including; contests, giveaways, promotional campaigns, engagement boosting, etc
          • Influencer relations guidelines and details around developing influencer programs and collaborations
          • Social media/digital advertising guidelines, framework, and recommendations including; imagery, designs, copy/text, and budgets
          • List of potential live-event concepts and ideas to be used to incorporate with social/digital media platforms for increased engagement and customer loyalty

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